Here''s a link to a massive online archive which contains 662 GB worth of scans of fiction and film magazines: 500+ zines, 10000+ issues (on the topics of science fiction, horror, fantasy, cult, exploitation).

And here''s a link to the file list:

If you''ve kept up with posts here and what''s archived on Carlo''s List (as well as with Gorgon''s torrents), you may already have most of the SF & horror fiction (pulps & digests) in this archive.

But there are tons of movie magazines that might be of interest which have never been posted here (or are only represented by a few issues in Carlo''s List): Castle Of Frankenstein, Cinefantastique, Famous Monsters Of Filmland, Fangoria, G-Fan (a magazine for fans of Japanese monster movies), Midnight Marquee, Psychotronic Video, Rue Morgue, Starlog, Video Watchdog, etc.

Thanks should go to "zinester." He''s done an excellent job of rounding up all this material and organizing it.

The archive is also available as a megatorrent (if you decide to use the torrent, as always, please help seed).